An Easter Story

Here at the Ranch, it’s Easter every day!

Week by week, we witness the miracle of redemption … transformation … new life.

All thanks to friends like you, supporting this unique and proven ministry.

Tomi can tell you…

She and her children escaped an abusive situation in another state. Thank God, they found refuge here in Arizona — but they had trouble getting past the trauma they had experienced. The children were rocked by everything their family had gone through.

Then, three years ago, they found Reigning Grace Ranch.

The horses we’ve rescued, with the support of caring friends like you, helped rescue this family.

Tomi’s children entered therapy, and began working with our horses. Tomi watched her children change.

The transformation was amazing.

The children began healing. They became more and more self-assured. “They got their self-confidence back,” Tomi declares. They grew not only in terms of skills, but emotionally, spiritually.

It was like new life … Easter in action!

Today, Tomi is “watching the kids flourish.”

The children, today 14 and 12, have excelled so much that they’re now learning horsemanship — riding and managing the horses.

“They amaze me!” their mom says. The kids are excited to return to the Ranch every week. This summer, they’ll start wrangling cattle!

But this “resurrection” wasn’t just for the children. Tomi got involved with the horses too. (Which was remarkable, because she never even really liked horses!)

As her children were changing, she found that she was benefiting even more profoundly herself, in our parenting program.

Tomi has faced serious challenges and conflicts in life — adoption issues, a major

move, job change, divorce. But week by week, as she worked with the horses — and through our one-on-one coaching process — Tomi confronted her fears and anxieties.

In an incredibly short time, she began turning a major corner.

The horses made the difference. Tomi didn’t respond well to conventional “talk therapy.” “I’m not real patient,” she admits. “Talk therapy was excruciating.” When she started working with horses, the impact was nothing short of revolutionary.

“I confronted, worked through, and processed more in four or five sessions than I did in almost a year and a half of talk therapy,” she says. “You have to build a relationship and trust with the therapist, whereas with a horse, it’s immediate.”

Tomi has grown by leaps and bounds. She’s strong today, and growing stronger. She’s a picture of how “new life” sometimes surprises you!

“I came here for the kids,” Tomi recalls. “I knew this was something they needed; you can instantly feel that…. But God has a funny way of working in my life. I’ve gotten just as much, or maybe even more than the kids, out of being here.”

The whole family has experienced a kind of resurrection … Easter in real life.

This is going to be their best Easter in a long time … maybe their best Easter ever … because of the miracle you set in motion: You give a horse new life — and God uses the horse to give a family new life!

I’ve seen this kind of “Easter miracle” over and over again, down through the years … and I hope you will help it happen again this Easter …

… because tomorrow, another child will come our way, in need of new life. Another struggling family will turn to us for help, seeking new life.

Easter can happen for them — just like it did for Tomi and her children — through your heartfelt gift of compassion today.

This unique Ranch experience can be the key to a whole new life for them … a journey of redemption, an “Easter journey.”

It begins the day your generous donation swings our gates open to a family in need.

So I bring you this heartfelt request:

Could you please give a special Easter gift today? I don’t know how much God has blessed you, but maybe you can give $25 … or $50 … maybe even $100 or more.

Whatever you give, you’ll make a real impact in the lives of children and families here in Arizona.

With your Easter gift today, you’ll be part of a mission to bring about redemption, strength, and personal discovery. It happens in a place of tranquility and refuge on 15 acres of beautiful Arizona Sonoran desert. With the support of friends like you, Reigning Grace is a unique combination of healing sanctuary, mentorship, and equine-assisted experiential earning programs.

You can give with confidence, and with joy. We’re home to dozens of rescued and rehabilitated horses, each one a living story of strength and endurance. The horses help children and families to heal, to grow strong, to become equipped for a whole new future.


“New life” is happening here, every day, thanks to friends like you.

This is Easter in action. Please be part of it today.

I hope to hear from you soon, with your life-transforming Easter gift.

Thank you in advance. God bless you.

And a happy Easter to you!

Believing in second chances,

Amanda More



I believe Easter is real. New life is possible. I believe it because I’ve seen it. Your Easter gift will affirm it! Thank you again for being such an important part of this ministry!