This is designed for folks that want to experience the ranch, out of town guests and families that are not members of our volunteer staff. During this session, you will receive a quick tour thru Critter Corner, up through the paddocks and then to your final destination, the hitching rail, where you will be met by a friendly horse or two for your grooming session. This is a hands-on experience with one of the most majestic animals ever created! (At least we think so!)

Please call or email to schedule your private session of Mane to Tail. We will try to accommodate your schedule as best as possible.

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Adaptive horseback riding program at Reigning Grace Ranch is recreational riding and horsemanship lessons adapted for the student’s individual ability. We utilize mounted and unmounted activities to provide a unique combination of physical and emotional benefits. Adaptive horseback riding encourages improvements in the areas of flexibility, balance, and muscle strength, attention span, ability to follow multi-step direction, appropriate social interactions (including eye contact, vocal volume, and expressive language, confidence, and self-esteem.

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Horsemanship and Riding teaches the skills, knowledge, and understanding needed to form a harmonious relationship with a horse. It involves treating the horse with respect and working with its natural instincts and behavior to create a positive and safe riding experience. Horsemanship is the foundation of all horse-riding disciplines and is essential for both horse and rider. We teach horse husbandry, groundwork and mounted lessons. Our riding discipline that we teach is focused on Western Riding.

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This experiential learning program promotes the development of life skills. Sessions involve a variety of ranch activities facilitated by a ranch team member. Activities stress problem-solving, relationship building, and critical thinking skills. The focus is development of life skills. Lessons encompass all aspects of the ranch from horses, chickens, pigs, goats, sheet, cows and gardening.

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This experiential learning program promotes development of life skills. All sessions involve horse interaction supervised by a trained Ranch team member. Activities stress problem-solving, relationship building, and critical thinking skills. While students learn horsemanship skills the primary goal is development of life skills and strong relationships.

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Reigning Grace Ranch founder, Amanda Moore, is certified through EAGALA and is an experienced life coach. Amanda will utilize horses to help you get unstuck from wherever you are in life. Whether you are searching for life purpose, guidance, desire to strengthen relationships or finding spiritual direction, she will help you discover your purpose and align your life with it! Amanda’s coaching will help you grow and gain insight to your passions and what drives you. Through her years of experience, Amanda has learned how to help each person become a better version of themselves, using hands on learning with horses.

Amanda and her husband, Co-Founder, Christopher Moore, come together to offer marriage coaching and family sessions to create healthier environments, to help families thrive and grow in a nurturing environment while developing fun new skills and perspectives to put into practice at home.

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Marvelous Minis was designed for our “littles” at the ranch! That’s right, miniature horses and children ages 5-7 years of age. The goal of Marvelous minis is to provide a unique equine experience that stimulates our children to develop problem solving techniques, increase the ability to self-regulate behaviors, increase cooperative teamwork and stimulate critical thinking skills. Decreasing challenging behaviors, building trust, developing positive relationships, and engaging students in the learning process are just a few of the goals that are promoted in this program! Students will work on ground with the miniature horses. There is no riding in this program.

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Led by Reigning Grace Ranch founders Amanda and Christopher Moore, staff at Reigning Grace Ranch organize and direct team-building sessions where participants work together to solve demanding challenges and carry out ranch chores.

Satisfied clients have included Charles Schwab, NotMyKid, United Planners, the Carlisle Group, and other companies and organizations. Sessions typically are structured in four-or eight-hour blocks. Lunch and/or dinner are provided for full day experiences. We accommodate groups ranging in number from 8 to 60 participants.

Increase collaboration and improve communication with powerful and effective team building activities

The learning is real. A day of teamwork at the ranch makes the lessons memorable and powerful, bringing everyone closer together. Participants report significant benefit from a common experience that is outside the normal work environment. Presented with problems to solve, they work together and focus on the complementary skills each person brings to the table. This forges strong teams. It creates a safe, common experience that continues to generate conversation and learning long after the event is over.

“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.”


Our skilled staff creates a program of activities built around the day-to-day operations of the ranch. This includes working side-by-side with horses. Working with horses is remarkable in the way that the horse requires leadership to be led, honesty, hard work, and consistency for success.

Bring your team out for a half or full day at the Ranch to work on leadership, communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. Each Corporate Team Building Session will be unique to the goals of the team. Reigning Grace Ranch will use horses, cattle, and other aspects of ranch life and the cowboy code to help your team grow closer to its full potential.

We can tailor a program specifically for, and around, your dynamic work demands. To find out more about dates and times contact Kelsey at