Funds for Feed Can Mend Broken Hearts

By Amanda Moore

I remember back in the “old days” when we would order 64 bales of hay, and my heart would be full. This meant the horses would be fed for another month and I was safe from the worry of whether there would be enough.

As the ranch has grown three times the size of the “old days,” 64 bales now lasts the ranch a little over seven days. Now, my heart is full when I hear the rumble of diesel, the squeeze machine driving through the front gates, followed by two semi-trucks of — what I and the horses believe to be gold — alfalfa and bermuda grass. God has always faithfully provided for the ranch. He sometimes waits until the final hour, but He has always provided. Most definitely to test my faith, making sure I am well aware that this ranch doesn’t happen without Him. He uses His people to provide for the ranch and sometimes, I swear, the hay barn seems to run on “fishes and loaves” (John 6:1-14). I know we should be out of hay, but somehow, He multiplies it, and I am grateful He provides.

As a non-profit organization, the ranch survives entirely on donations. I’m not able to forecast the amount of funds coming in and I can’t manage the rising inflation costs due to our economic instability. What I can manage is how much we spend. Every fundraiser we do, raises funds for specific projects around the ranch such as the Healing Barn, Critter Corner, Chapel, Workshop, and Children’s Programs.

Prayerfully consider helping us in this time of need as the Ranch struggles with the rising cost of feed. Your gift will make a difference in the lives of our rescued horses—and in the lives of those who they help in turn. Help us to keep on helping those in need. Click here to make a donation—and to make a difference.

Once funds are designated to these projects, I cannot reallocate them, even though my hay funds may be running low. Still, inflation continues and the animals just trust they will be fed and cared for. We are called to be good leaders and stewards over the animal kingdom, and to be a good leader, you must be a good servant. So, just like any business, we tighten our belts a little more and push on.

With rising fuel costs and water shortages, our hay has nearly doubled in cost as of February 2022, to the tune of an additional $48,000 a year and I am hearing rumors that it’s going to continue to climb as Arizona’s water shortage worsens. As you can imagine, this creates some panic for me, and I am reminded that my faith is being tested again. (Just when I thought I had it all together, HA!)

The Ranch is researching alternative ways to become more sustainable and this includes the way we feed. We are excited to explore some options this summer and once I know more, you will be the first to know! But here is how you can help now as our summertime funds slow WAY down.

I am asking for your prayers to consider donating funds for feed. We are a sanctuary ranch; these horses work hard during the season helping to mend broken hearts and often provide the only haven for people who need a soft place to land. The ranch has seen incredible growth and with growth comes greater expenses.

Will you join us in supporting those in need of the ranch as a place of hope and healing? Many hands make light work! Our goal this summer is to raise $40,000 by September 15th for the horses and programming. This gives us 10 weeks to reach this goal! Do you think we can do it gang? All we need is faith the size of a mustard seed. Let’s plant that faith and watch it grow!

To make a gift to the Ranch, click here.