At Reigning Grace Ranch, we believe in second chances.  We believe that if a spirit is placed in the right environment, given love and the correct attention necessary for growth, it will blossom into a successful member of our society. With horses, it is no different.

Often time’s horses come to the ranch with prior stories.  Sometimes these stories follow the horse allowing for humans to judge or make assumptions, often negatively.  The horse is painted in the light of someone else’s perception and this story will decide the fate of that horse.  Often times, this story is disastrous and ends tragically.  When we rescue a horse, we want very little of the horse’s history.  Sure, we ask for any information that may help us to rehabilitate the animal but no story to assume.  To rehabilitate means to restore to its original state; not to carry the baggage of the past regardless of what it is or was. This why our program works…..

Young people need a strong sense of who they are…what they want to stand for…and what kind of life they want to have. The trouble is this kind of reflection generally falls between the cracks in standard school curricula and traditional character education.  Reigning Grace Ranch is a real-life working ranch, designed to mentor youth, one-on-one, in a safe encouraging place.  We are helping to fill this gap with a program called BE, SOMEBODY!  Rather than lecturing kids or telling them what to believe, it takes them on a journey of self-discovery and goal-setting – one that inspires them to reach for the best in themselves.  Drawing on all three of Jim Owen’s books, THE TRY, COWBOY ETHICS, and COWBOY VALUES, it’s designed to reach students at an age when new inspirations can elevate their sights and alter their life trajectory.

The heart of soul of our programs come from The Founders, Christopher and Amanda Moore. Christopher and Amanda founded Reigning Grace Ranch in 2009. Together they have over 20 years of experience working with children, teenagers, and horses. Christopher and Amanda Moore met when they were just 12 years old.  Both traveled the country as professional competitive dancers, they became dance partners and a true friendship blossomed.  The rest is history! Amanda Moore started her career as a Secondary Education Teacher in the Deer Valley Unified School District.  There, she taught for 10 years in the areas of Theatre, Stage Production, and Language Arts. In tandem, she and Christopher created an after-school theatre arts program in the community, The Vaudeville Youth Theatre Company, to incorporate children ages 5-19 into the performing arts.  Just as Amanda & Christopher now do with the ranch, they had a tremendous impact, as their standard of excellence bred confidence and expression in the lives of the kids they touched. To learn more about the founders, CLICK HERE!

Did you know the ranch is solely run on donations from our community and supporters like you? We would love to connect with you to show you around and for the opportunity to bring you out to RGR and talk to you more about what those needs are. To learn more about those needs, CLICK HERE!

Have a heart to volunteer and get started? We need your help there too! To learn more about those opportunities, CLICK HERE!


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