Volunteer At Reigning Grace Ranch

Take an important step today to volunteer and see for yourself how your valuable time is made even more valuable as you partner with us in helping transform kid’s lives.

The volunteer ethic dominates at Reigning Grace Ranch. So dominant, in fact, that nearly all of the ranch’s budget is used for direct supplies such as feed, electricity, water, and veterinary supplies.

Look to your right or your left—at a ranch campfire or chapel service or around the tack room—and you will see someone who is giving their time to make things work.

Volunteer ranch hands identify themselves as some of the biggest beneficiaries of the ranch. They watch the faces of those served by the ranch’s many programs and take satisfaction in knowing they play a role in making things happen.

There’s a lot to accomplish in running a ranch with a large herd of horses and a collection of smaller critters. Horses need to be feed. Paddocks need cleaning. Landscaping needs tending. The youth who participate in ranch programs need mentors. That’s just for starters. The list is long.

A huge bonus for many new volunteers is the chance to learn, close up, about horses. No experience needed. Newcomers who are interested can learn how to halter a horse, pull it from the herd for grooming, and even saddle up.

Contact our volunteer coordinator today!

If you’re not sure where you might fit in, we can certainly help with that. Email our volunteer coordinator, Cindy Foss at cindy@azrgr.org, to find out more about how you can turn your valuable time into something even more valuable by volunteering at Reigning Grace Ranch.

Join our family of volunteers who are making a difference every day.