Volunteer At Reigning Grace Ranch

Take an important step today to volunteer and see for yourself how your valuable time is made even more valuable as you partner with us in helping transform kid’s lives.

The Road Map To Volunteering!

Stop 1 Sign up for a Tour today. Visit our Event Calendar for available Volunteer Tour dates and times, then email our volunteer coordinator, Cindy Foss at cindy@azrgr.org to schedule your tour.

Stop 2 Join us for Walking Among The Herd. Spend two hours with the Founders of Reigning Grace Ranch, Amanda and Christopher Moore, as stories are shared of the Ranch’s humble beginnings — and why horses? This interactive workshop takes you on a journey through what it takes to be a Reigning Grace Ranch horse, a volunteer and why we do what we do! You will learn herd hierarchy, equine verbal and non-verbal communication, and watch a “vision circle” session. (Click here to sign up for a Walking Among the Herd session.)

This is a great opportunity to ask Chris and Amanda all the questions you have about the Ranch and the different volunteer opportunities that it offers. This class will also give you the perfect jumpstart to memorize all those horse names!

Stop 3 What makes your heart beat? Now you have the opportunity to decide what captured your heart at Reigning Grace Ranch and where you can plug in. After spending some time learning about the Ranch in Walking Among the Herd, you will receive a volunteer application and upon approval, you will be connected with your team lead. Volunteering requires a Reigning Grace Ranch membership — Tier One or Tier Two. All annual memberships include your volunteer t-shirt, decal, name badge, criminal background check, educational classes and Family Days & Nights experiences at Reigning Grace Ranch.

Contact our volunteer coordinator today!

If you’re not sure where you might fit in, we can certainly help with that. Email our volunteer coordinator, Cindy Foss at cindy@azrgr.org, to find out more about how you can turn your valuable time into something even more valuable by volunteering at Reigning Grace Ranch.

Join our family of volunteers who are making a difference every day.