Testimonials written by our kids, volunteers, parents and mentors.


A little over a year ago, I contacted Reigning Grace Ranch to see what the ranch had to offer; little did I know that while attending a tour I would find exactly what I was looking for, fall in love with what they do and the vision, and an as an added bonus gain an additional family! Being a volunteer and mentor for RGR has shown me many things: kids going through some pretty horrible situations and learning better ways to deal with them, horses that were once abused/neglected now loved and cared for, but most of all that God works in mysterious ways and miracles happen each and every day. Just ask the kids who attend our program where they can heal, build confidence, be accepted for who they are and the list goes on. – Deb, RGR mentor/volunteer


Several months ago, the Lord opened the door to a place that has captured a piece of my heart and has impacted our lives dramatically. We were parents, desperately searching for answers, guidance, and hope. God…. Never ceases to amaze me! I’m going to share Genesys’ testimony, and ask for you to dig deep into your hearts to look into this place if you may have found yourself in a similar place as we have. It is sent from God, no question! They are fully lead by volunteers, not a single paycheck is received there, and you would NEVER guess this when stepping onto their ranch! It’s filled with love, heart, and so much acceptance! Please take a minute to read what Genesys wrote or… Just pray for this place to be brought into the light as it’s such an unknown place and its capable of changing lives! These rescue horses and human beings are healing our little ones, with just their presence! They are fully funded by donation only and I’m going to do all I can to get the word out because they will be a part of our family for life!
“I came to Reigning Grace Ranch to find healing, in the midst of trying to find myself; but in the process, I realized I wasn’t the only one who was in need. So were the horses. This place has not only opened my eyes but it has given me a clearer vision of life. I personally was taking a wrong turn in the WAY wrong direction, and this place has given me hope & a feeling that I am NOT alone. My now new best friend, Juliet, has turned my whole world 180 degrees. She has sought out the peace, patience, assertiveness, and mindfulness that I never was aware that I had, she pulled out and made fears that I didn’t know I had visible. My mentor helps me be the best person I can be. She helps me through difficult times & shows the actions of the outside world through me and my horse. “Your horse is a physical reflection of your emotions”. This has so much meaning to me now; not only a way to make your horse feel safe but a way to keep your mind in a safe place too. This has taught me that I need to keep my emotions under control & allow peace to overwhelm my body and most importantly my mind. My mind never stops & my horse & the mentors have taught me to be “in the moment” which will help me in many scenarios. This ranch took me in & found who I was without me knowing who I was & if Juliet can transform my life the way she is I’m positive she could do that for anyone.” ~ Genesys — RGR Mentee


Love is strong and the word love is happiness, friends, people who treat you how you want and to be treated! Thank you for teaching me how to find love in myself and how to avoid the bullies or kill them with kindness. Thanks for the second place in my heart that I call home. I want to personally thank Chris, Amanda, and RGR! Oh, the horses too! They have helped me live honestly and I wouldn’t be here or even be the same without them. I would be the depressed girl that sits in the corner, the girl that did not matter but now I found out I do matter to you and my best of friends. Thank you for changing me! Kasey, thank you for making me feel like I did not have to hate myself for what was going on…. things got better because you taught me they were! I really love you guys, thank you for making me live! Faith – RGR Mentee

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