I came to Reigning Grace Ranch as a six-month-old, as part of the horse rescue in the fall of 2010. No stranger to humans, I was a friendly boy from my first encounters with these humans. Prior to the rescue, my mother and I could often be found rummaging through the garage at the ranch when the exterior doors would be open, in search of snacks. Many mornings, if they were late getting out to feed their personal herd, I would stand at the glass front doors, peering through the windows asking, “What are you waiting for?”

Due to the gravity-defying black mane which defined me when I was a colt, the folks at Reigning Grace decided to name me after the character, Rufio, the mohawk-wearing Lost Boy in Disney’s film Hook. Just like Rufio in the movie, I am a leader of the wild things, also known as our nursery herd members. I am beloved by all the young horses, especially Genesis, my baby brother.

I am a favorite among kids at the ranch due to my playful demeanor and the easy disposition which I inherited from my mother, Sugar.

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