My name is Lady Gray, and I am a Walking Horse from Tennessee. I have a sweet disposition and the innocence of an angel. My previous owners loved me so much that I was the only mare in a barn full of expensive show stallions. They felt that I had so much potential to make a difference somehow, that they sheltered me from the normal duties of a mare at a breeding barn. Funny enough, I learned how to be a stallion rather than a mare. I guess you could call me a “tom-boy.” However, true to my form, I am a true southern belle.

I long to be close to humans and teach them so much about compassion, the importance of play and being genuine to themselves. I love carrots, peppermints, and apples so much that anyone can ask me to say “cheese” and I will smile for a treat. The folks at Reigning Grace tell me I have truly been a blessing to the ranch. I help everyone to remember to dance like nobody’s watching and to take time to smell the flowers. You will often find me with my aunt Patience basking in the sun or exploring the great paloverde tree’s giant umbrella. I teach those that come to the ranch to see beauty in the little things.


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