In biblical terms, Genesis marks the beginning. To Reigning Grace Ranch, as a baby, I marked a new kind of beginning. The beginning of a new kind of love, laughter, adoration, and drive-you-crazy for tiny angels with smaller wings.

On a very cold Arizona night in February 2011, God blessed Reigning Grace with its first foal, a colt from the rescued range mare named Sugar. They would name me Genesis. Genesis stood for the beginning of a new life for my herd and the end of neglect and abuse.

I’ve been told that watching my mom give birth to me was like watching a miracle unfold in front of their very eyes. Within a few moments of my arrival, I stood with wobbly knees and had a great uncertainty of what would come next. Somehow I found an ounce of faith and took my first step, and with each step after, grew a confidence, entering into a world unknown. Over the next few days, with my childlike spirit, I had shown my new family a few things about life that may have previously taken a lifetime to learn. I taught them how to play, how to face fears, how to revel in the discovery of the unknown and how to be brave. I taught them how to start each day with an ounce of faith and end with a ton of grace, love, and desire to do it all over again the next day. I’m told I am truly a gift from God and the folks here at Reigning Grace Ranch are very honored to have been the chosen recipients of this little blessing.

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