bam bam

My name is Mr. Bam Bam Rubble and I am an American Paint Horse. It is hard to see paint in me, but if you look closely I have one spot of white on my belly.

I came to the ranch as a much loved retired Dressage horse. My previous owner recognized that she was pushing me a little too hard and my body wasn’t designed to do the very strenuous discipline known as dressage, or what you folks around here sometimes call horse ballet.
Torn between the thought of selling her beloved horse or continuing me in the discipline, she contacted Reigning Grace Ranch to see if I could work with children in their therapeutic environment. She wanted the best for me and believed I would flourish in an environment where I would continue to be loved by many and work with children. She had no idea how right she was!

I am probably one of the most popular horses at the ranch because of my willing heart and disposition. I am about 13 years old and as sweet as they come. I love to be involved at the ranch whether it is being groomed, trail riding, being painted, obstacle work or groundwork. I found what makes my heart beat!

In our busy season, I work with over 30 children a month. I am responsible for teaching our children many character-building qualities such as trust, love, leadership, acceptance, communication, follow-thru, work ethic, teamwork, confidence, goal setting, learning the importance of taking care of something and good old fashion hard work.

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