I am a Tennessee Walking horse and I arrived in Arizona from Florida with Mr. Legato. I came from a family that was retiring and could no longer give me the life I deserved. The couple prayed about where Legato and I should go next and, fortunately, it was to Reigning Grace Ranch.

When we joined our new family, within the first month our humans took us up north to ride a popular horse trail. When we got there, it had been raining and our humans quickly found out that we would not cross over water. Alicia, who is now one of our mentors, said innocently, “It’s okay, they won’t cross the water because in Florida there are alligators in the water. They don’t want to get eaten!” Legato and I still laugh about that comment.

I am a very special horse to the ranch. I am very well mannered, easy going, loving and adore the attention of my many fans. I would rather sit and listen to the conversations of the many children around me than actually do anything that has to with work. I’ve also been told that I am thought to be part bunny because I wiggle my lips almost all of the time. (Silly humans!)

I am truly a beautiful horse inside and out and I teach everyone how to enjoy the small things in life.

(By the way…Legato and I now cross over water just fine! Arizona isn’t so scary after all!)

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