As is often the case at Reigning Grace Ranch, Christopher and Amanda got an unexpected call early one morning from a rancher who had discovered an abandoned mare in his barn. They agreed to take her. On the way back to the ranch they decided to name her Reign.

Per Amanda: “When we began our assessments to see what she knew we discovered that Reign really was not a horse that was super interested in a lot of interaction with people. Definitely a one-owner horse. We started a search to adopt her into a loving home.”

Before a new home was found, Amanda connected Reign for a session with an 11-year old girl — Linda — who had been adopted out of foster care. Early in the session Linda stopped and began crying and then sobbing. She explained to Amanda that she could not understand how anyone could abandon such a beautiful horse. Linda let herself go and said she believed she was abandoned as a youngster because she was not beautiful.

Per Amanda: “Reign got to help Linda grow. Through Reign Linda recognized her self and that her negative thoughts about herself just weren’t true.”

Amanda says Reign’s story is typical of horse who come to the ranch in a “grim state…unwanted and unloved. The cool thing is there’s still life there and a destiny to change lives. In Reign’s case she made a significant impact in Linda’s life and then she made a significant and continues to make a significant impact in the family that adopted her.”