When Legacy arrived at the ranch all of the resident equine therapists ran to the fence line to catch a peek of the new guy on the block.

A Belgian draft horse, Legacy stood about 22 hands tall, about 500 pounds underweight, and his red coat was dull and long. His body told the story of malnourishment from the muscle loss in his neck, withers, and hip area. His top line stood out and his spine could be felt just by looking at it.

Legacy came to the Ranch as a voiceless, forgotten animal. He would come to realize his new destiny — to help children and adults realize their own voice and learn to no longer be imprisoned by a world that left them behind.

Legacy continues to grow stronger and stronger. He has gained a quiet confidence about him. He is loved and his countenance telegraphs that he is grateful. There is something incredibly powerful standing beside a 2,200-pound animal who is quietly waiting to take direction from you. It is humbling to the human soul.

Legacy’s mission at the ranch includes working with people big and small. He is a gentle reminder that the past doesn’t define what we can become — and that all things are possible.