From the Horse's Mouth.

Thank you, Alan, for your professionalism and time with us. I’ll write up another more official testimonial but wanted to add my thoughts here as well. I was really aiming for a low key/not hit you over the head kind of training which was exactly what was delivered. I thought that Chris’ ability to relate to the IT folks was a nice bonus. The interaction between the three of you kept the discussions interesting since each of you bring your own style. I know you were all trying to keep a balance about using horses and teaching about horses. (since a corporate group isn’t there to be horse experts, but to learn from horses instead) The feedback from my team was that they wanted more.

Kim – Team Leader for Universal Technical Institute

All I can say is that I had a great time at the ranch. Chris, Amanda, Alan and the rest of their team were wonderful and inspiring. It’s such a beautiful and relaxing environment. I see how working with their animals can be therapeutic for both kids and adults as well.


I thought the Ranch was great, it’s pretty much the cleanest Ranch I’ve ever been too. Alan and the team did a good job leading us and the activities had value.


I thought the place was great. The session(s) were good and on-point and generated good dialogue after each exercise.


I thought having several different speakers was a positive thing – it provided interest and variety and held audience attention.


I loved my time there, and the exercises that we did. More exercises would have been even better. I guess the only down part of the day is that it ended too soon.

Feedback from The Team at Universal Technical Institute

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