Equine-Assisted Corporate Training

The Horse’s Way offers traditional in office corporate training as well as experiential equine assisted approaches.


Leadership  – Accomplishing corporate goals requires leadership and team effort. When your group experiences leadership with horses, they will have more of what they need to effectively work together and overcome difficult obstacles. Important goals can quickly become reality. To effectively lead others you must first understand yourself. Horses are both leaders and followers, depending on their herd hierarchy. Horses are social animals and they provide valuable insight into group dynamics and roles. The horse acts as a mirror of emotions, reflecting the feelings of those working with them. Since horses cannot lie or over analyze true emotions, they are able to recognize incongruence between behavior and emotion, telling the true story of the human before them.

Horses can open the eyes of our understanding and help us discover the keys to successful relationships, They are master teachers. If you can get a horse to trust and follow you, you can do the same with people!

Boundaries – Setting boundaries using the horse is an experiential way to make sense out of many of our struggles. Horses will teach us how to improve our relationships, understand the effects of boundaries in our lives, how to create balance, ease the stress of managing our time, communicate effectively and develop a healthier relationship with others. You will interact with and learn from nature’s greatest teacher, the horse!

Communication – Face-to-face communication is taking a backseat to email, texting and social media. Yet research shows the 90% of communication occurs non-verbally, leaving only 10% for verbal or written communication. With statistics like that it’s no wonder that our messages get lost in translation as face-to-face communication diminishes. Are you using the right communication methods to match the importance of priority of your message?

When working with horses, they respond immediately to your message on a non-verbal level, They will illuminate your communication process and provide opportunities to try new ways of delivering your message, based on your actions and non-verbal communication.



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