Volunteer Tour

The very best way to get a good feel for what Reigning Grace is all about, what we do and what our needs are is to come on a tour!

Our friendly and knowledgeable tour guides will lead you through the entire ranch, giving you a chance to meet our critters in Critter Corner and our equines—big and small—in our open paddocks (oh, and the two bovine’s that live with them!).

You’ll have a chance to see the amazing landscaping our grounds crew has created and the beautiful covered arena and adjacent classroom that was so generously donated to the Ranch.

Our tour guides can explain the different areas where we utilize our amazing volunteers and where our current (and sometimes urgent!) needs are!  They can also give you an idea of the time commitment involved with different tasks, the training you will get and the physical requirements some tasks may require.

The tour takes about 60 to 75 minutes, depending on how many questions there are! To schedule a tour or for more information, email our volunteer coordinator, Cindy Foss at cindy@azrgr.org.