Insight vs Action

By Amanda Moore

What I love about horses as healers is that they have the ability to push their human to action.

Many of us know what to do, that is insight. We read about it…how to lose weight, how to become present, how to set boundaries, how to get over our past, how to be a leader, how to, how to, how to.

But how many of us actually put our insight into action?

That is where the breakdown happens. In order to have a relationship with a horse, we must put our knowledge into action because otherwise, horses have an amazing ability to call you out. In the world of horse, actions speak louder than words. They are amazing creatures of non-verbal communication. We can’t talk a horse into anything, we must show them. Therefore, we can’t say one thing and do something different because body language and true intention will always prevail with a horse.

Humans have gotten so good at covering up pain, anger, sadness and anxieties when it comes to other humans. But, with a horse, it is game over. As a human, when we cover this stuff up, a horse can see it a mile away; The horse is a prey animal and we have just become unsafe to them…because you are hiding something. You must be congruent, intentional and honest.

In a herd, an alpha mare is chosen because she exhibits admirable traits to the herd. She is firm but fair, she knows where to draw the line, she lives each day with courage and she is authentic at every moment. Her actions speak to the herd. She has placed her insight into action.

In order to have a positive relationship with a horse — or any relationship for that matter, we must show up, act and be honest with ourselves. It doesn’t have to be perfect and pretty. The horse admires the authentic honesty. So, put what you know into action and start practicing. Relationships and everything around you will start to align when you do.

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