What: One-On-One Girls Mentoring
When: April 27th 9:00am – 11:00am
Duration: 6 Weeks
Where: Reigning Grace Ranch
Ages: 8-17 y/o
Spots: Limited to 8 Spots
Cost: $45.00

Young people need a strong sense of who they are…what they want to stand for…and what kind of life they want to have. The trouble is this kind of reflection generally falls between the cracks in standard school curricula and traditional character education. Reigning Grace Ranch is a real-life working ranch, designed to mentor youth, one-on-one, in a safe encouraging place. The heart of our Session Program is to provide a safe place for children, horses, and families to experience hope, healing, and encouragement. In each session, through a myriad of methods, there is one main purpose—to Mentor the Child. All activities are chosen at the discretion of each individual leader and child with a focused theme for the day. Areas of the Code we will be focusing on during one-on-one sessions:

Attitude: Respect, Optimism, Honor, Heart, and Courage
Integrity: Respect/Community, Duty, Optimism, Honor, Heart, Fairness, Courage, and Authenticity
Grit: Duty, Heart, and Courage
Purpose: Life Application

Session activities include but are not limited to working with & riding horses, crafts, games, chores, woodworking and life skills. A secondary goal of our Session Program is to educate kids in equine safety and husbandry. All activities with the children are structured to accomplish our primary goal of creating a safe and loving environment to mentor the child.


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