Reigning Grace Ranch is a unique non-profit ranch that believes in second chances. We believe that no horse or human should be given up on. Our ranch family believes everyone and every horse has the capacity to find their inner strength and has a gift to share, no matter their past. We help children and families believe that they are a “worthwhile somebody” by bringing horses, children, mentors, families, and volunteers together in an authentic working ranch environment. We offer equine-guided mentorship and equine-guided experiential learning to youth, families, and veterans. We strengthen the mind, body, and soul and elevate the spirit of our families through traditional core values. Our goal is to experience what it means to work hard or have “grit” for what they have, be a part of something bigger than they are, develop self-confidence, experience teamwork, accountability, love, safety, trust, encouragement, and hope without judgment. This is powerful stuff for a little horsin’ around!
As a non-profit, we are dependent upon you for our success. Your generation donations go a long way and we wanted to launch a new program to show you how even a small donation goes a long way. So we are introducing our new Ranch Hand Program.

Become a RGR Ranch Hand Today

Don’t worry! There’s no heavy lifting here. We are seeking virtual Ranch Hands to support our operations with a monthly donation of $50. Your recurring donation will help cover the monthly expenses at our 15-acre ranch. Through your support, we will be able to continue to provide vital programs to youth and families in our community. In exchange, you’ll receive the following:
●     A personalized thank you letter from RGR founders Chris and Amanda Moore
●     The Code of the West
●     Name recognition on the Reigning Grace Ranch website
●     Invitations to RGR events and special programs
Want to saddle up to help the cause? Visit The Ranch Hand Page today!
As always, thank you for your support of Reigning Grace Ranch!
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