We aren’t going to lie, running a 15-acre fully functioning ranch takes a lot of work but it also requires a fair amount of money as well. When it comes down to it we need support with equine, food and snacks, tools, art supplies, gifts for the children, vehicles, and so much more! To further break it down, even more, the horses require the following:

  • Grass and alfalfa hay
  • Vet wrap
  • Brown gauze
  • Wood Grindings from AMC consolidated
  • Saddles, kids & adult sizes, lightweight
  • Water Troughs – Metal
  • Fly Masks – various sizes – full-size horse & miniature
  • Horse Grooming Tools
  • Vet Bills
  • So much more

in fact, currently, at RGR, our Monthly Operations are 4000.00 and include the following:

  • Land Payment
  • Office Space & Insurance
  • Electric & Water
  • Waste Removal & Port-a-Potty
  • Marketing & CRM

Whereas, our Monthly Operations for Children & Equine Programming are 8000.00 and include the following

  • Grains & Supplements
  • Hay Costs
  • Farrier
  • Vet/Medical
  • Misc. Children’s Supplies – art supplies, shirts, etc.

Many of you know we recently received a very large gift from Willaim Phipps and we are currently building a covered arena at RGR which will allow us to run our programs all year round but with that comes rising costs for the ranch. If you haven’t had time to learn more about this donation and what it is going to, please check out the story we shared about The William Edward Phipps Cowboy Arena.

With this arena, it has also brought up a lot of questions about donations and using money in different capacities. For example, we have been asked to use hay funds to pay for children’s programs or Phipp’s donation for other things and that isn’t the way it works when it comes to non-profit donation. When someone donates to a specific fund or program that money must be used solely for that purpose. That’s why Co-Founder Amanda Moore recently put together a video about Donor Awareness that we hope you can find time to watch.

Stay tuned as we will be rolling out new donation programs as well as forms that will make it easier to donate to specific areas. As always, Christopher and I are so blessed for your support and we look forward to increasing our programs and capabilities in the upcoming year!

Also, as a huge thank you, in the past couple of months we have been incredibly blessed to receive our monthly need for our asks. Many of you might have seen this new program where we ask for vital needs each month. In the past couple of months, we have received the following:

October – Support for Billy

November – A new gate for the entrance of RGR

December – Samson’s Surgery for his eyes

January – Meds for Sage

Stay tuned as in February we will be launching a new program that will allow everyone to get involved on a monthly basis. This will be a new monthly recurring program that will make a huge impact on RGR.

From all of us, thank you!!!

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