After tragically losing my father at 19, beating cancer twice by age 25 and getting out of an abusive marriage I found myself struggling as a single parent. I didn’t know how to help my children work through their struggles, especially my daughter. She was struggling with self-confidence as well as trusting others including her teachers at school. I was feeling defeated and didn’t know where to turn or how to help her.

In July of 2016 during a disaster recovery project at work, I learned about the ranch while talking to Christopher Moore. That is when we decided to take the trip to Rio Verde and see Reigning Grace Ranch for ourselves. From the moment we drove onto the property there was an overwhelming feeling of hope, peace, and happiness. Kiara attended her first mentor session in the fall of 2016 and we have been coming to RGR every Saturday since.

I started volunteering while Kiara was in sessions helping out wherever I was needed just trying to do my part. In return, RGR has helped our family heal and created a bond between my daughter and I that was previously missing. It has helped Kiara come out of her shell, find her self-confidence and learn to trust others. When she first started coming to the ranch she wouldn’t talk to anyone and kept her head down even cried a few times. Today she walks around with confidence and even jokes with people pretty much everywhere she goes. She has found her confidence and believes in herself. She now knows that it is okay to trust others and not all people will hurt/disappoint you. She has gained a sense of responsibility, as she knows that there are chores that must be done before we can enjoy the joys and fun of the ranch. She looks forward to waking up early on Saturday mornings to help feed the horses or drag the paddocks. RGR hasn’t only helped Kiara, it has helped me as well. Even though we first started coming to RGR for Kiara it has had a huge impact on my life and allowed me to work through many of my own struggles. I, like my daughter, was struggling with self-confidence and trust. I have been able to work through the pain of losing my father and I’m working on forgiving myself for things that I cannot change. I am learning to trust again and realize I am worthy of many things.  RGR was just what we needed in our lives to help us grow and move forward. We are blessed to have gained a family here at RGR and all of the joys the ranch has to offer.

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