Redemption, Strength, and Discovery

The natural world of a horse is based on relationship. These relationships for a horse hold the herd together and assure survival.  The family unit must have feelings of trust, respect, and confidence in the leader and a connectedness that is always present within the family unit. A family that plays together stays together.  Not much different from us humans? At Reigning Grace Ranch, we believe that the family unit is essential and critical for not only our horses but our humans as well.  We want to bring families together in an environment that promotes teamwork, love, respect, and leadership.  We want to celebrate the family unit and teach life skills that can be taught directly by our herd of horses. Here we can learn how to play as a family, set clear boundaries, show respect for each other, set realistic expectations and goals.   We want to approach these sensitive areas in a safe place, where the world is not allowed in.

So, Who Is Joshua and Why Is His Role So Important?

One afternoon, while a team of RGR volunteers was meeting, the telephone rang. An anxious man on the other end explained that he needed help. He and his wife had spent the last ten years rescuing hurt and broken racehorses from the tracks in California. They had provided us a second chance at life, saving us from an otherwise fatal end. A rewarding experience, yet now all of his financial resources had been depleted. He was losing his home, and thus the safe haven for his beloved Thoroughbreds. With 25 horses on his property, a home in foreclosure, and nowhere to turn, he called for aid.

As they toured the ranch, I struck one’s interest, but would not acknowledge her presence. Over the next several weeks she could not get me off of her mind or her heart. My shadowy, haunting figure meandered continually through her thoughts with increasing awareness. Fortunately for me, she called my owner and requested that I be brought to Reigning Grace Ranch permanently, but what good would I, a lame horse, do at a children’s ranch? To read more about Joshua and our other counselors, CLICK HERE!


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