Arizona’s Unique Non-Profit Ranch and Youth Programs

Reigning Grace Ranch is a unique non-profit ranch that believes in second chances. We believe that no horse or human should be given up on. Our ranch family believes everyone and every horse has the capacity to find their inner strength and has a gift to share, no matter their past. We help children and families believe that they are a “worthwhile somebody” by bringing horses, children, mentors, families, and volunteers together in an authentic working ranch environment. We offer equine-guided mentorship and equine-guided experiential learning to youth, families, and veterans.  We strengthen the mind, body, and soul and elevate the spirit of our families through traditional core values. Our goal is to experience what it means to work hard or have “grit” for what they have, be a part of something bigger than they are, develop self-confidence, experience teamwork, accountability, love, safety, trust, encouragement, and hope without judgment. This is powerful stuff for a little horsin’ around!’

With that said, we planning on quite a busy fall around here. In the past month, we were able to put the finishing touches on our new ranch video. Have you had a chance to see it? If not, we would love for you to share it with your network. To watch the full video, CLICK HERE!

We are planning to once again center our programs around a real-life working ranch, designed to mentor youth, one-on-one, in a safe encouraging place.  We are helping to fill this gap with a program called BE, SOMEBODY!  Rather than lecturing kids or telling them what to believe, it takes them on a journey of self-discovery and goal-setting – one that inspires them to reach for the best in themselves.  Drawing on all three of Jim Owen’s books, THE TRY, COWBOY ETHICS, and COWBOY VALUES, it’s designed to reach students at an age when new inspirations can elevate their sights and alter their life trajectory.

So, take the step today to stay connected. We are always looking for volunteers and donations. Did you know, 96% of your donations go directly to the program? Your money touches the kids and horses directly. Areas that your donation helps fund are – hay for the horses, classroom space, medications for horses, veterinarian services, snacks & water for the children, arts & crafts supplies for the kids, volunteer educational materials and parenting materials.

To learn more, contact us today and learn how you can get more involved!

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