I remember when it was my first visit to Reigning Grace Ranch. I honestly didn’t know what to expect but from the moment I drove through the front entrance to experiencing all that it offers, I can honestly say RGR is a place of peace, love, tranquility and so much more. Before I visited I read about it online, saw pictures, and knew a lot about it because of my relationship with Chris Moore but what I keep telling people is nothing you read or look at can truly do justice for what it feels to be at the ranch. They say, “Reigning Grace Ranch is a place of tranquility and refuge on 15-acres in the beautiful Arizona desert. No traditional therapies can compare to the combination of our healing sanctuary for a unique mentorship and equine assisted experiential learning event. Home to dozens of mended horses with incredible stories, the ranch focus is to heal and empower children and families struggling with diversity with our rehabilitated horses.”

As one who has now had the ability to be there when nobody is around, in the morning, at night and when the place is packed with kids and volunteers, each time something amazing happens. I’ve never been in a place that can truly make even your most challenging days much calmer. The overwhelming feeling of peace is truly incredible. Even at times of anxiety, frustration, and disappointment, the ranch has the ability to completely change that. This is truly God’s creation and one that you will want to take advantage of if you can. The ranch is beautifully kept and a little slice of heaven right in Rio Verde, Arizona. With numerous horses, donkeys, and a cow named Norman it has the ability to take away all your fears, concerns and worries!

I have never been so moved and touched as I am when I step foot on Reigning Grace Ranch. Watching kids of all ages get to ride horses, walking around in nature’s beauty and God’s creation, and watching the smiles on the faces of some incredible young children is a sight that is truly hard to explain. Chris and Amanda have allowed the Lord to grow the ranch and follow His words not only in theory but also in doing. They have huge hearts for their ranch and the children’s ministry. In my eyes, God sure knows what he is doing with RGR and if you have ever thought about volunteering for a great cause I would highly recommend learning more about RGR, setting up a tour and seeing what it does for you!

Thanks, Chris and Amanda for all you do!

Ken Scheer

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