Hi, my name is Chris and this is my story. I started coming to Reigning Grace Ranch several months ago with my church Highlands. We started doing a Cowboy Sunday out at the ranch for the Highlands special needs ministry and I wanted to volunteer with that. I came out one Sunday after church to attend a training session and the moment I pulled in through the gates I knew I had found something special. I didn’t know what yet, but God would later reveal that to me in His time. I believe that everything happens when God wants it to and that His timing is perfect. I was out there to work with the members of the ministry and little did I know I was also there to work on myself. I quickly realized that this is a place that I wanted to become involved with and do more in. I started chatting with the owners Chris and Amanda and we came up with a plan to get involved. That started my journey with RGR. A journey that has healed me, my family and my relationship with God.

I have been a Christian for as long as I can remember, I grew up in a southern family and we were in church every Sunday and at youth group every Sunday night. That’s being a Christian right?! Well, let me tell you that I was not a good Christian at best! After I graduated high school I went off and tried my hand at college and quickly realized that it wasn’t in the cards for me. I learned more about how to party than how to study in college and quickly dropped out of school. I floated through life for the next several years doing much of nothing and lots of partying. This lasted several years and finally, I knew that I needed to change things before I met my maker way too soon. I decided to join the U.S. Marines and successfully spent more than 8 years doing that. It was during this time that I met my wife and we started our family! We now have 2 kids a boy and a girl, and our dog. My wife is a Pediatric RN and I was a Marine. We had the all American family right? Well not really since I was struggling with the transition from active duty to civilian. I had no luck finding a job for a long time. I was diagnosed with Anxiety and PTSD from my time in the Service. This became a difficult time for us as a family. Thank God my wife is so strong and stuck by my side through this difficult time. After coming to RGR and getting to know the background and what the ministry of it was I knew that I wanted to get involved.

After starting to volunteer and watching the ministry take place I realized that I was the one truly benefiting from the ranch. It was amazing what was taking place in my life. I started to feel better and more connected with God again. I was starting to become the man my wife and kids needed and deserved. RGR has helped to make me whole again. I can’t think of a place that deserves to be funded and nurtured. This is what God was meaning when He told us to spread the word and live like Christ. RGR is the definition and embodiment of how to feed the hungry and give water to the thirsty. At RGR it is not only the kids who get healed there but those that volunteer are impacted just as much and sometimes more. Most don’t know it but RGR is an all-volunteer organization and needs your donations! Please if you feel led to give to a cause I would ask that you look at giving to Reigning Grace Ranch. Maybe you can impact a young person going through the mentorship program or maybe you will impact someone like me, who is trying to impact one of the kids there! I pray that you can come and get to know this place! When you first drive up and come through the gates you will see that that’s where you can leave your worries, all out there on the road because you can’t be upset when you realize what God is doing at Reigning Grace Ranch.

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