Reigning Grace Ranch Founders, Christopher, and Amanda Moore are thrilled to team up with individuals and organizations to offer an innovative growing experience, taught by the way of the horse.
You might be asking, what does that mean?
To effectively lead others, you must first understand yourself. Horses are both leaders and followers, depending on their herd hierarchy. Horses are social animals and they provide valuable insight into group dynamics and roles. The horse acts as a mirror of emotions, reflecting the feelings of those working with them. Since horses cannot lie or over analyze true emotions, they are able to recognize in-congruence between behavior and emotion, telling the true story of the human before them.
Because they mirror us, horses can open the eyes of our understanding and help us discover the keys to successful relationships. They are master teachers. Amanda’s Equus certification coach, Koelle Simpson, eloquently expressed that, “although there are many theoretical, academic views on leadership, there is no faster or more effective way to learn how to implement leadership than by accepting 1,000 pounds of instant feedback from a horse.” We couldn’t agree more.
With that said, we are now proudly offering professional counseling and life coaching services for:
  • Marriage and Family
  • At-Risk Youth
  • Trauma
  • Individuals
  • Corporate Training
  • So Much More
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Disclaimer: A percentage of the funds created through The Horse’s Way is donated directly to Reigning Grace Ranch, a 501c3 organization that exists to Redeem the Horse, Strengthen the Child and Discover Hope for the Family.
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