Christopher and I have been the humble stewards of Reigning Grace Ranch now since 2009 and we need your help. Every year, we have grown.  More kids come, more horses come and more volunteers want to be a part of something pretty special that was found and felt only at RGR. In our first year, our annual income was 11,000.00.  We were elated that we had individuals and family foundations come along side of us and believe in our mission as much as we did. In addition, through the years Christopher and I have given sacrificially of both our finances and time to RGR to keep it growing because we believe we had been called by a higher power to make incredible things happen from brokenness. I am proud to say many of our original foundations and individuals are still partners today and we are entirely grateful for them. Christopher and I continue to give, so many people have come along side of us and have given their time and resources too. You have allowed this ranch to open its gates daily and inspire hope for the kids!

We never wanted to charge for the programming at RGR because we wanted this experience to touch all socioeconomic ranges because we knew how powerful this place was going to be to the hurting. Hurt doesn’t discriminate and today, we continue with that same philosophy. But, it doesn’t come easy. Nine years later, we are looking at a towering budget of almost 500,000.00. This includes special projects, land, and programming. We do not receive government grants. We do this all by the people and your generous donations. Last year, we recorded 23,000 volunteer hours and this year we are going to surpass that by a lot. The ranch is growing fast and God is good! If you compare us to other nonprofit organizations and look where their funding goes, much of it goes to salaries and administration costs. I can tell you when you gift your money to RGR, 97% of your hard earned money goes directly to our programming. You are paying to help a kid sort out why their parents didn’t want them, you are paying for an emaciated, neglected horse that was at the mercy of an owner who didn’t care, you are paying for a broken family to develop the skills to pull their family back together again and you are paying for all of them to find hope!

Everyone who is a steward of this ranch does so as a volunteer. We do not have a single paid staff member. I must say, we have some incredible volunteers.

We have been blessed with 10 acres for the ranch’s permanent home. In November, we will put a large amount of funding down to begin a principal and interest loan. We continue to grow. We want to continue to grow year after year, expand our impact in the valley, and bring Hope to the hopeless. This work does not come free. We have many future plans, but we need partners. We need partners to help with monthly giving and partners to help with annual giving.

Here is the hard question that we have to ask…….

We are in need of your resources.

Your financial support can come in ways of annual, monthly or in-kind giving. There are no gifts too small because many hands make light work. Consider supporting our upcoming Gala, the “Hope Harvest” in November. Consider giving a gift of your Arizona Tax Credit where 400.00 (single) – 800.00 (married) a year can be given back to you in Arizona Tax Returns and also claimed on your IRS returns. Our tax credit is for the working poor. Consider gifting monthly in our WR”ANGEL”ER program. Our goal is 5000.00 a month in monthly gifts and right now we are currently at 1000.00. Remember 97% of your gift goes directly to programming.

Please be a part of something that is more powerful than us.  When we look at the ranch and where it is going, we are in the grassroots stages. Our hope and plan is that this ranch is here to give hope for generations to come. Please partner in this legacy. This happens as a community.

Thank you for your support! We truly couldn’t do any of this without you!

We need your help and you can DONATE HERE!


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