The connection between horses and children is remarkable…..

Horses have an extraordinary way of peeling back layers to a child, to help them discover where their pain stems from.

The ranch had gotten a call about a beautiful horse that was well conditioned in stature that was left overnight, abandoned in their barn.

With no name, age or history left behind, we picked this mysterious mare up and brought her to the ranch.

After a few weeks of observation and work, we placed her into the program.

The very first session was with a hurting young teen who immediately sought this mare out because of her beauty and confidence. I suppose she saw something in this horse that she wished she saw in herself.

While in the round pen and hearing this little mare’s story, this young girl, broke down in tears and angrily yelled, “why on earth would anybody ever abandon this horse and leave her for nothing? She is beautiful and perfect. Only ugly and worthless things are left behind.”

You see, in that moment, I realized that this beautiful teen, revealed how she felt about herself and why she was left and abandoned by the person that was supposed to love her unconditionally.

Quietly, my response to her was….They didn’t deserve you.

Our children have incredible stories, our horses have incredible stories and together they develop a true relationship that conquers fears and old lies to become what neither thought they could ever become……………worthy.

Our volunteer staff guide and rudder these beautiful opportunities and often times the volunteers receive so much more out of the experiences then they feel they give.

At Reigning Grace Ranch, we have many volunteer opportunities from community gardening, mentoring, ranch hand work and administration. Many people ask if they need horse experience to become a mentor…..all you need is a heart for people, and we can teach the rest.

If you are interested in coming out, please email us at or visit our website at


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