Livin’ the Ranch Life

The Role Of Discovery In Our Programs

Redemption, Strength, and Discovery The natural world of a horse is based on relationship. These relationships for a horse hold the herd together and assure survival.  The family unit must have feelings of trust, respect, and confidence in the leader and a...

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Why Is It So Important To Strengthen Our Children?

Non-Profit Rio Verde Ranch Working With Kids Our children are our future. Every child deserves to be loved and children deserve to play no matter what their story or age. To allow a child to grow into a functional and productive member of society they need confidence....

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Fall Programs Are Just Around The Corner

Arizona's Unique Non-Profit Ranch and Youth Programs Reigning Grace Ranch is a unique non-profit ranch that believes in second chances. We believe that no horse or human should be given up on. Our ranch family believes everyone and every horse has the capacity to find...

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Why Volunteer at Reigning Grace Ranch

Volunteering Your Time at Reigning Grace Ranch Reigning Grace Ranch is a peaceful place, it is a place that can calm you even on your most challenging days, stepping foot on the ranch brings about a feeling of completeness, I just feel great when I'm at the ranch....

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Lost, Confused, and Without Direction!

Reigning Grace Ranch came into my life at a time when I was lost and confused without direction. I felt invisible and forgotten to everyone around me. Like a skin suit, walking around with nothing left…completely vacant. I was drowning in daunting words like broken,...

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Redemption, Strength, and Discovery!

At Reigning Grace Ranch, we believe in second chances.  We believe that if a spirit is placed in the right environment, given love and the correct attention necessary for growth, it will blossom into a successful member of our society. With horses, it is no different....

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