Livin’ the Ranch Life

A Heartfelt Message About The Hope Harvest Fundraiser

I want to talk to you about the largest Reigning Grace Ranch fundraising event of the year.  As I write this note, I feel a swelling in my throat while thinking about how needed your financial support is.  We simply cannot do this without all of us working together. ...

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Specials Needs Ministry Partnership with Highland’s Church

It was about five months ago that we set down with Highland's Church to discuss partnering up with their special needs ministry. To be honest we weren't sure where the partnership would go but since the ranch is close to the church and the special needs ministry is a...

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Fundraiser: Hope Harvest Gala

In about a month, our biggest fundraiser of the year, Hope Harvest Gala will be here! This event for those of you that came in the past now has a name and a logo that we will be using moving forward. Previously, this event has been held in ballrooms but to get the...

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The Connection Between Horses and Humans is Powerful

It's probably not going to surprise you that we say that the connection between horses and humans is a powerful one! Horses are also extremely social and family oriented.  In a herd, a horse’s life depends on his relationship with the family.  In a herd, there is...

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The Story of Billy, The Belgian Draft Horse!

My life changed in February, everything I knew came crumbling down around me.  But sometimes it takes the walls to crash down around you to help you realize you were meant for something better.  In the end, I am right where I belong.  I am worthy and this is my...

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We Need Your Help!

Christopher and I have been the humble stewards of Reigning Grace Ranch now since 2009 and we need your help. Every year, we have grown.  More kids come, more horses come and more volunteers want to be a part of something pretty special that was found and felt only at...

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