Livin’ the Ranch Life

The Story of Billy, The Belgian Draft Horse!

My life changed in February, everything I knew came crumbling down around me.  But sometimes it takes the walls to crash down around you to help you realize you were meant for something better.  In the end, I am right where I belong.  I am worthy and this is my...

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We Need Your Help!

Christopher and I have been the humble stewards of Reigning Grace Ranch now since 2009 and we need your help. Every year, we have grown.  More kids come, more horses come and more volunteers want to be a part of something pretty special that was found and felt only at...

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Reigning Grace Ranch Is A Great Place To Be!

A note from a supportive volunteer....... I kept hearing about Reigning Grace Ranch but didn't know much about it other than what I saw online and in pictures. I had the opportunity to meet Chris a little over a year ago and always enjoyed talking to him about...

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Harvesting The Good Seeds For The Future

Role modeling and harvesting the good seeds for the future..... After an interview with a young man at the ranch, which is featured in a previous blog, I realized something that struck my heart...... Often when mentors come to work with the kids at the ranch, they are...

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Critter Corner: Interview with Junior Volunteer Damian

Damian has been involved with ranch programming for almost 3 years now. He is 12 years old and his foster mom will tell you, he is a different kiddo.  This past weekend at the volunteer breakfast, Damian asked if he could be the ranch hand leader at the ranch on...

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We Need Your Help At The Ranch!

Working at a busy ranch takes a lot of time and effort, that's why we need your help on the ranch! There is no greater accomplishment at the end of the day then to see all that you were able to get done by yourself or with a team of people to make the ranch a better...

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